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10 Tips For Finding Your Dental Centre In Turkey

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You have decided to go to Turkey, but you are not sure which dental centre in Turkey will be best for you. There are many important points you should consider when you are looking for a dental centre for Turkey.


Generally, all websites have their own reviews, but this doesn’t mean anything. You need validation for reviews to see if they are actual patient reviews or not. Trustpilot is maybe one of the best review validation systems online.  Not only Trustpilot is also trusted by Google as a partner, you might also consider checking the Google Business reviews of the clinic.

Check If Reviews Are True Or Not

You can understand fake reviews with contents like “very good“, “super”, “the best” etc. by short sentences. True reviews will include details such as dentist name, date and time, details about their procedure, outcome and how they feel after the procedure.

Video Reviews

Video reviews maybe the best proofs for real reviews. Nobody could find a fake video review, some dental centres could try it. However, most definitely nobody could give a fake review for dental treatment. It is also very important to check the dental centre’s YouTube channels.


Once you Google about the clinic which you are interested in, you will most likely see Trustpilot reviews. If they don’t have any reviews on Trustpilot, try to find other review sites using Google.

Google Business

Google Business reviews will be a good clue about this dental clinic’s local reputation. Click “show all reviews” button to see all of them. Google will translate them to your language automatically.


Another way to find a good dental centre in Turkey is to look for "before & after" photos. There will be a patient gallery with photos which are proof of successful treatments. Check dates and video reviews, even though some clinics may have fakes for "before & afters" You could check Google images to see if they are using treatment images that is work of other dental centres.

Every dental clinic must-have "before & afters" If a clinic doesn’t have realistic "before & after" photos, don’t even consider them even if they offer you a really good price.


dental centre turkey staff

The biggest problem with finding a good dentist online that you might have missing information. Some clinic websites don’t mention any dentists or oral surgeons. A good dental clinic must have a biography displaying their experienced dentists and sometimes their staff. Most clinics only claim that they are very experienced and well-known, however, it is a bad sign when they don’t give you any information about it.

Also, many medical tourism companies claim that they are dental clinics. Beware about these companies, which you are most likely to have a problem in the future with.

As Smile Dental Turkey, we are proud of Dt. Uğur Gültekinler and Oral Surgeon Özkan Özkaynak.


Clinic photos and clinic information is very important. You shouldn’t go somewhere for implants if they don’t have 3D Tomography. X-ray, Tomography, CAD/CAM These are important technologies required for great dentistry.


There is a common proverb that "if it sounds too good to be true, it is probably not true." Of course, you should check all the prices, but you should also beware of very cheap offers. 

Some dental clinics could offer you a better price, but you should ask about hidden costs such as temporary teeth, injections, x-ray. At the end of the day, you may be paying more than other clinics. Asking for any hidden costs will be the best choice before you make your decision.

Especially, most people don’t know the difference between metal porcelain crowns and zirconium crowns. They all have porcelain on them, however, metal ones are very odd and cheapest ones. So, please make sure to ask about the material, don’t just ask only porcelain crowns or veneers.


Turkey is a very big country and every part of this country has many beautiful holiday places.  That being said, none of all cities has direct flights from the UK. You should try to find a clinic in Istanbul or Antalya where there are many direct flights available to these cities all year.

All year flights mean, you could also try winter months and you could have more affordable prices for flights and accommodation during your dental travel to Turkey.


Nowadays every business has an Instagram account.  If a clinic doesn’t have an Instagram account, skip them for now. If they have an Instagram account, check dates for "before & after" photos and all of their posts. Businesses could buy fake "likes," but they can’t buy mentions and old posts. Your dental centre in Turkey must be very good on Instagram and people should be liking their photos if they are good as they claim to be. Please check our Instagram page.

What About Waiting Queue?

To be honest, we really don’t think any dental clinic in Turkey will tell you the truth that you will actually be waiting all day for your dental treatment. They try to book as much as they can, some patients are waiting until midnight for their veneers. Would you really want to wait too long like that or would you like to have your dental treatment at night?

Boutique dental centres like Smile Dental Turkey will offer you a private VIP room for rest and you won’t be waiting long because you will be our VIP patient!