Dental Veneer Types, Colors and Shape Styles

One of the most asking questions about veneers their shapes and colors by many patients. At first dental veneers, the most important part is choosing the correct type for your requests

Dental Veneer Types, Colors and Shape Styles

We know it is hard to choose your smile makeover colour and shape options, we belive that this blog post might help you to define your cosmetic needs for your smile makeover.

Dental Veneers Types

These two types of veneers are the most popular ones, Zirconium Veneers, and E.max IPS veneers. There is no metal inside the crown so it means no grey line around the gum line.

Although similar in functionality with dioxide, the difference between E-max and Zirconia veneers is that E-max is more translucent than Zirconia. The translucency of E-max veneers allows in more light. This creates a more lifelike crown that requires no stain. However, for a dark tooth underneath, this characteristic makes Zirconia the better choice.

Zirconium Dental Veneers

Zirconium veneers offer you superior looks, especially if you are looking for extra white veneers such as Hollywood smile, Zirconium veneers will be the best option for you.

Zirconia will give you a confident smile because there is no metal lining at the gums.

Zirconium veneers are 100% biocompatible, no zirconia crown allergy has been reported so far.

Extraordinarily tough: zirconia is the strongest crown, it can withstand wear and tear. It does not chip off, unlike porcelain. If you maintain it well, it can stay in your mouth forever. It is at least five times stronger than porcelain or porcelain fused to metal/ PFM. It also tolerates chewing or biting forces well. It has a very high flexural strength: zirconia has a flexural strength of 1200 MPa. (Flexural strength is the force that your crown tolerates.)

They bond well with your tooth: zirconia crowns adhere well to your tooth. One of the reasons why PFM crowns were the preferred choice is that the metal surface bonds well with the tooth and holds the crown in place. Zirconia also has this property. These crowns require less tooth removal than many other types of dental crowns.

Emax Dental Veneers

If your natural teeth are white and if you are looking for a natural look by veneers. E.max veneers are perfect for you.

E –max veneer is a type of all-ceramic crown which is preferred for its long-lasting, aesthetic qualities. Crown is made from a single block of lithium disilicate ceramic. This is top grade material that has been harvested for its toughness, durability and opaque qualities which makes it a highly prized crown. The crown is considered to be the best match with your own natural teeth.

Dental Veneers Colors

Nowadays, generally, patients prefer extra white colours, there are colour palettes that could have the difference for the only name codes of colours.

For example; we are using a vita master 3D colour palette. The whitest colour will be 0M 1 equals BL1, extra white colour for veneers.

Especially, if you are looking for an extra white smile makeover, 0M1 will be the best choice. If you are curious about the full set of veneer prices, please check our blog post.


dental veneer colors

Dental Veneers Shape Styles

Once you have decided on your veneers materials and colours, the most important part is to choose shape styles for your veneers in Turkey.

We could do 1000’s of shapes for you but we prefer to offer you the best shape library, these shape libraries are the common preferred dental veneer shapes. LVI Smile Library has 12 most common shape styles which are used all around the world. These shapes are universal veneer shapes.

You need to understand that the shaping of veneers is typically focused on the six main teeth –two central incisors (left and right), two lateral incisors, and two canines. Each set of these teeth can be shaped so that they appear boxy or squarish or even rounded at one or both corners of the tooth. The canines can also be shaped into a gentle arc or a sharp point or levelled off as a straight edge. The lateral incisors can also be lengthened or shortened relative to the length of the central incisors to give you a more dramatic look. These combinations can take on a variety of styles, the most commonly used of which is the LVI Smile Library.

According to the LVI Smile Library, porcelain veneers can be classified into 12 different styles describing the characteristic smile they wish to portray.


veneer shape styles

1. Aggressive–square, round central and lateral incisors with gently curved or semi-straight canines. This is perfect for men as well as women who may want to project a rather strong personality.

2. Dominant–square, round central incisors, rounded far corner of lateral incisors, and sharply pointed canines; lateral incisors are chipped a little bit higher than the central incisors.

3. Enhanced–slightly rounded edges of both central and lateral incisors with the lateral incisors slightly higher or shorter than the central incisors to give it a gull-wing appearance; canines are bluntly pointed. This style of smile particularly is one of the most popular styles of porcelain veneers chosen by females who wish to compete in beauty pageants as well as engage in photo-op sessions where perfectly looking pearly whites is a must.

4. Focused–similar to an Enhanced Style unless the central incisors are square without rounded edges.

5. Functional–similar to an Enhanced Style except the canines are more pointed.

6. Hollywood–similar to an Aggressive Style but with the lateral incisors slightly offset or shorter from the central incisors. This is one of the most sought after porcelain veneer styles among males as it provides an excellent show of teeth without being overly aggressive.

7. Mature–similar to an Aggressive Style but with the canines slightly more pointed.

8. Natural–similar to an Enhanced Style but with the canines more aggressively pointed

9. Oval–similar to an Aggressive style unless all the incisors and canines take on a more rounded or oval shape.

10. Softened–similar to an Oval Style but with a less pronounced curvature of the edges of the teeth.

11. Vigorous–similar to an Aggressive Style unless the canines are more pronounced, is protruding well into the oral cavity like a fang.

12. Youthful–similar to an Oval Style but with more pronounced and protruding canines like in a Vigorous Style.

In using the Smile Library it is often important to understand the basic meaning of the shapes of the teeth. Teeth that have rounded edges are often considered to be softer and younger and more feminine. Enhanced, Natural, Oval, Softened, and Youthful styles will be excellent choices for women. Teeth that are either flat or squarish are more masculine, aggressive, dominant, and older. This is excellent for men and Aggressive, Dominant, Hollywood, Mature, and Vigorous styles will be great choices. The Functional and Natural Styles of smiles can work well on both men and women in any culture because the styling produces both rounded edges and stronger and sharper lines of the canines.

Dr Dt Uğur Gültekinler
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Dr Dt Uğur Gültekinler