How To Find Most Affordable Dentist In Abroad?

Nowadays it might look easy to find an affordable dentists abroad on Internet but you should be careful about all facts.

How To Find Most Affordable Dentist In Abroad?

Nowadays, if you are living in the UK or Not, all people’s problem to have good dental treatments. Even if you can afford expensive dental treatments in the UK, you need to wait for a few weeks for complete dental treatments. Recent years, many people discovered a good money saving method, they realize that every summer nearly all people are going on holiday and these holidays places generally more affordable countries than you the UK. So why not we don’t have medical treatments there? So dental travel abroad discovered by holiday people. But even we are going to many countries, which countries are best for dental treatments abroad? Which dentists abroad could be reliable and we can save more money by them.

Which country is most affordable for dental treatments

We can predict and heard about some destinations which are really affordable and good. But we can’t be sure about it until we go there. There any many reports about world statistics but generally people are using Bigmac index to find the most powerful PPP abroad. For statista 2019 bigmac reports, in Europe cheapest countries are Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey. This report published in January probably these days in 2019 May, Turkey is the cheapest country in Europe and in the world. I will definitely talk about Turkey now because if you are in Europe and you just want to fly 3 hours for your dental treatment. Turkey is the most available destination for you.

Transportation Is Important

We are looking for abroad countries for our dental treatments but do we really want to fly 13 hours to have dental treatments? What if we have dental implants and we must travel 2 times there, at least we will fly 48 hours. If we are in Europe, we should go to close countries, Turkey is one of them, there are many direct flights from London, Machester, Birmingham, and many others. Just in 3 hours, you will be in Turkey.

What About Holiday?

None could say no to a fine holiday, when looking for a dentist abroad. So mostly we should select a country which is affordable and which offers us a variety of culture and joy. If you are thinking about Turkey, Turkey will definitely give you the most amazing holiday. In Istanbul, culture and most amazing historical places. Watching Bosphorus and eating Turkish cuisine. In Antalya, great beaches, amazing antient places and best holiday resorts are waiting for you.

How can we find a dentist in Turkey?

We are looking for a dentist abroad, especially a dentist in Turkey. So how can we find a good dentist in Turkey? Just googling? Yes maybe. You could use Google; the “dentist in Turkey” search sentence will give you a lot of results, but you should be careful about which dentist will treat you better, the most popular one is the regular one; generally, most popular dentists have a long queue as it is in the UK. If you want to have the best offer and best service, you should be a VIP patient for a dental clinic. I highly recommend you to get offers from the bottom of the page, ok google shows best ads on top (who are paying most) but we should try other Turkish dental clinics too. You could try medical tourism directories such as whatclinic, dental departures but don’t forget generally results are same as the first one, these websites don’t give you clinics number or email directly so you have to wait for them also there is a spam issue on these websites, they are calling you every time. Maybe we shouldn't give our UK number to anyone?

Get an X-Ray and Send Good Pictures

The most important for finding a dentist abroad, you should know what you are really looking for? Do you have an x-ray? An x-ray could be the best solution for your dental treatment plan because none can see your real mouths shape with only pictures. Please go to a dentist in Uk and get an x-ray of your mouth. If you really insist on not to take an x-ray or you can’t have it, you should send your mouth pictures in 5 angles;

Closed Bite From the left (closed),From the right (closed),Open mouth upper jawOpen mouth lower jaw

Don’t send any quote request with just text like “ I need veneers “, they can’t know what you really need, maybe you don’t need just veneers, maybe you have serious problem in your root of teeth. But don’t forget, in the last resort, you will have real consultation in Turkey and they will tell you what you need exactly and they will give you a real price offer.

Compare Dental Treatment Prices

After your quote requests, you will start to get dental treatment prices offers, nearly all clinics could offer you the same services but the quality of dental treatment and included free services are very important. You should learn about the difference between dental treatment qualifications, for example, do you know what is zirconium or e.max? Do you really want e.max (look like natural teeth) or whitest teeth with zirconium? 

What about dental implant trademarks?

Do you really know that this dental clinic offered you real Nobel Biocare or Straumann? If they offer you a really, really good price, don’t forget that Strauman has at least 10 quality types of dental implants. So you have homework to work.

Hidden Costs

Generally, Turkish people are generous people and never tries to take money for small things but we don’t know everyone in the world, especially every clinic in the world. So, don’t forget to ask about x-ray, tomography, temporary teeth and other small things. Some clinics want money for them. It won’t too much maybe but we are trying to save money right? Also generally transportation from the airport could free, ask for it!

How Can I Pay In Turkey?

Turkey is a really advanced country about card payments, you could pay with every credit card you have, but don’t forget to ask about Amex or American Express. Dentists in Turkey won’t charge you for commission. But also if you would like to pay cash, you could have a discount so we could save at least 5%, at most 10% by cash payments. Especially full set of veneers packages has special discount offers.

Do Dentists Abroad English Speaking?

Turkey maybe doesn’t have the best education system but English is one of the main lessons till primary school. Turkish dentists are getting a very good education at university. So many of them speak English. At least you will have someone to talk with you generally patient coordinators speak very fluent English. Is It Safe To Have Dental Treatment Abroad? Of course yes, general statistics show that %99.9 USA and UK citizens are happy about treatments which are received abroad. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t have any problem, of course, this is health treatment and you could have difficulties. Because of that no worries warranty is important, whatever you had even if a small ache your dentist in Turkey should fix it with no worries warranty.

What Is No Worries Warranty?

No worries warranty means that if you need revision your dentist will do your dental treatment for free but also, your plane ticket and accommodation could be paid by your dentist. In Turkey, nearly all dental clinics are offering no worries warranty. Please be sure about it and when you are signing a contact with your dental clinic please read these details.

Dr Dt Uğur Gültekinler
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Dr Dt Uğur Gültekinler