As a Turkish dental clinic, we have seen a massive supply increase in dental tourism in Turkey in recent years, which even created a huge topic online as “Turkey Teeth”. We would like to kindly inform all foreign patients who are willing to visit Turkey for dental treatments.



As a Turkish dental clinic, we have seen a massive supply increase in dental tourism in Turkey in recent years, which even created a huge topic online as “Turkey Teeth”. We would like to kindly inform all foreign patients who are willing to visit Turkey for dental treatments.

Over 200 dental clinics have opened in Antalya in the last two years, and more than 1,000 new dentists have moved to Antalya for dental tourism. Dental labs are also opening in Antalya. It is like a gold rush; everybody wants to have foreign patients, but unfortunately, everybody wants to be rich.

There is nothing wrong with earning money, but investors also open dental clinics in Turkey and hire inexperienced dentists. Investors don’t care about patients; they didn’t take the Hippocratic oath, but dentists did. Investor-based clinics don’t have long-term vision because of their short-term ambitions; the Turkish Dental Association and the Minister of Health changed laws for having a dental clinic as an investor 2 years ago, and now nobody can be a part of a dental clinic. Still, unfortunately, these investors are opening a clinic in the name of newbie dentists willing to accept every legal responsibility, whatever it takes.


Imagine that you are willing to go to a dental clinic that only opened one year ago. That does not sound like a very stable qualification for us. We founded the “Smile Dental Turkey” brand five years ago in 2019, but as Falez diş Clinic, we proudly say that we were founded in 2008. Dt Ugur Gültekinler and PhD dds Özkan Özkaynak are our founders.

Ask online coordinator about background of a dental clinic not only prices or accommodation details, as we told you before more than 200 clinics has been opened only in Antalya maybe 1000s of them opened in Turkey, regulations are low due to lack of work force on ministry of health.


In the last ten years, Turkey has decided to open universities in every city. Now, there are more than 100 dental faculties in Turkey. Due to the pandemic, some newly graduated dentists do not have one patient before graduation. That is why even local citizens are suspicious of recently graduated dentists in Turkey.

Foreign patients should check the background of their dentists before deciding to have their teeth done in Turkey.

Smile Dental Turkey believes in transparency; patients can see their dentists before visiting our dental clinic.


Patients should understand that they shouldn’t trust a Turkish or a British dentist. Unfortunately, there are good dentists and bad dentists worldwide.

We have seen many articles about “Turkey Teeth” online written by British dentists. They claim that Turkish dentists are filing down teeth, but they don’t do that. We have never suggested any patient have a full set of crowns unless they could have veneers. Still, unfortunately, nearly all of our patients have cases unsuitable for veneers, such as crowded teeth, gaps, biting problems, etc.

We may understand our British colleagues' concerns, but they should tell people not only negative but also positive things about Turkish Dentists. We have more than 750 reviews on Trustpilot, and success is not luck. We are proud of our happy patients' testimonials and video reviews.


There are many good dental clinics in Turkey and as a competitor, we are nearly the same price ranges. Some dental clinics offer free accommodation, but we generally offer airport transfers and cash discounts.

Somehow we see amazing different price offers for foreign patients when we search for “Turkey Teeth” online, you must understand that Turkey could be affordable in dentistry because of workforce expenses but laboratory and other expenses are nearly same as foreign countries.

Patients shouldn’t risk themselves for extra money. Turkey offers affordable dental treatments, but dentistry has its own risks. Even when you are going to your local dentist, please do not increase your risks by seeking cheaper options.



Dental clinics with medical tourism certificates can only serve foreign patients. There are some terms for that. A dental clinic should have at least five years of experience and an English-speaking degree. The clinic should have at least 3 English-speaking employees (one as a patient coordinator, two as an online support). These English exams are done by TÖMER, a government-based English course offered by Ankara University.

Also, Dental Clinics should have facility terms and a website that gives all the details to foreign patients. Unfortunately, many unknown websites are running advertisements on Google without giving any details about their clinic and their doctors.

Please ask questions of this dental clinic or travel agency If they have a medical tourism certificate.


Following the rules for a medical tourism certificate, all health organisations could give constant forms to foreign patients, and there should be information guaranteed on these forms.

Smile Dental Turkey offers a one-year no-worries guarantee, which covers accommodation, all dental treatment costs, and up to 150 GBP flight tickets.



Reviews are important, but in the digital world, fraud is common. Review sources like Google Maps might mislead you to a perfect location. Unfortunately, some dental clinics might have used fake reviews on Google Maps.

How should you check reviews about a dental clinic in Turkey?

Check Trustpilot reviews;

1 - Check whether the dental clinic is verified, there 4 options on Trustpilot as verified, Proof of identity, contact details, registered domain name ownership and bank account.

2 Check whether written reviews on Trustpilot are verified or organic. If a dental clinic has a subscription on Trustpilot, it could invite its patients and have verified reviews. Verified reviews have many benefits for companies on Trustpilot. Check whether the dental clinic you are willing to go to has verified reviews; if they have only organic reviews, this is very suspicious activity.


Trustpilot Verified Review Turkey Teeth

Check Before-After Pictures and Patient Video Reviews 


After all, everything can happen in the digital world, you should check the dental clinic’s before-after pictures and patientvideo reviews. They could give you 100% real details about their dental clinic’s experience.



The lack of dental health knowledge is the biggest problem for British patients; they are unaware of what dental treatments are available and which clinics are best for them. Some patients decide on their dental treatments through Instagram influencers who have done smile makeovers in some dental clinics, and some of them are only seeking the most affordable ones.

Saving money is our first goal but our dental health is critical, even if we choose the most expensive dental clinics in these medical tourism countries we are saving more than half the price. Also, Influencers may not seek the best option for your dental health.

As we mentioned before there are many dentistry faculties in Turkey, right now yearly 4000 dentists are graduating from dentistry, so believe or not some of them don’t have any real practice experience thanks to COVID-19 remote education programs and private universities.
PhD DDs oral surgeon Özkan Özkaynak from Smile Dental Turkey mentions that it is really hard to find experienced new dentists for dental clinics. Still, dental tourism also makes new dentists do difficult dental treatments without experience.

Patients should seek dental clinic reviews and dentists' CVs and should consult with other clinics about these dental treatment plans. While having a dental treatment quote offers patients should do that with a fresh x-ray, sending pictures may give you only an idea about the real dental treatment plan; X-rays will give nearly all details to the dental clinic.

Bad decisions may cost your dental health in the long term, but you also need to fix these problems in your hometown, which might cost you a lot more than you expected. Please read and sign consent forms carefully before dental treatments in a foreign country.



After the 2020 COVID crisis, we all had bad days, but at that time, we didn’t realise that this all-money printing would harm our future. Inflation rates have risen every month until now. Food real estate and healthcare service prices have doubled in a short period.

High inflation in recent years has pushed British people to do their dental treatments in other countries, especially patients who would like to have dental treatments; they need to pay a small fortune for their dental treatments in the UK.

UK had another issue rather than prices after Brexit, plenty of dentists had to leave the country who were working for NHS or private clinics. Right now even If you have money you have to wait for a long waiting list for a dental appointment in the UK.

Many patients from the UK had dental treatments in Turkey and returned home very happy. Some of the best dental clinics offer free accommodation and no worries warranty for their foreign patients.

Turkey has the best dental clinics with the latest technologies. Experienced dentists offer great care for foreign patients.

Some patients go to Turkey every year for check-ups and have an affordable holiday; these dental clinics are like family dental clinics for these British patients.

These happy patients also visit Turkey for other health services, such as aesthetic surgeries.


Especially in dentistry, British people might save more than % of 60 money on dental treatments. The main routes in Europe are Hungary, Poland and Turkey. In recent years Turkey has been the most popular one among these countries because Turkey not only offers medical tourism but also offers sunny holidays next to the seaside with a great capacity of accommodation for tourists.


UK Price Range

Turkey Price Range

Poland Price Range

Hungary Price Range

Dental Implants

£1,850 - £3,600 per implant

£350 - £1,200 per implant

£695 - £1,200 per implant

£400 - £1,000 per implant

Dental Crowns

£300 - £800 per crown

£100 - £350 per crown

£120 - £400 per crown

£80 - £350 per crown

Dental Veneers

£400 - £1,000 per veneer

£150 - £300 per veneer

£180 - £350 per veneer

£150 - £300 per veneer

Root Canal Treatment

£95 - £700 depending on complexity

£60 - £200 depending on complexity

£60 - £200 depending on complexity

£50 - £200 depending on complexity

These price ranges expected general dental treatment costs; however, actual prices can vary based on the specifics of each case, the materials used, the dental clinic's location, and the dentist's experience. 

These price differences reasons are the purchasing power of countries, dentist education costs, lab costs and overall supply and demand, especially in the UK after Brexit there is a huge demand for dentists but there are not enough dentists for people who are looking for dental treatments. 

Turkey has these main factors most. Their economy plunged in the last five years, and the Turkish Lira lost huge value against foreign currencies. Dental education costs are low, but there are also many dental faculties. This looks like a pros but also a cons for Turkey right now.


Every country has different healthcare systems, and some countries have already allowed their citizens to use medical tourism to offload vast healthcare demand into their countries. Many of them are especially choosing Turkey for dental treatments.

Countries are trying to build a global healthcare system where patients can see their healthcare history wherever they go. But regulations are very low right now. If we could give an example, in Turkey Antalya, 300 new dental clinics have opened in the last 2 years, but only 20 people are working for the health ministry to regulate them. How can you check all these dental clinics? The best possible way to regulate them is to educate patients beforehand.

In the long term, medical tourism will be part of our lives because the modern world shows us that.In the other hand local doctors, such dental clinics in the UK, will never stop assuming that Turkey teeth is not good.


DDS PhD Özkan Özkaynak
Article written by
DDS PhD Özkan Özkaynak