What Is Zirconium Tooth & How Is It Done?

Having an aesthetic appearance of the teeth is important for everyone. Therefore, the aesthetic aspects of the intervention to the teeth are quite a lot. For example, there are some methods used to eliminate yellowing, color problems, breaking and similar problems in teeth. Zirconium veneers option is also the most popular option in order to correct the colors and forms of the teeth. Many of us suffer from oral and dental health, we will avoid going to the dentist, sometimes because we are afraid and sometimes because of the expenses. There may be some who say what is a zirconium veneer. So I'm writing a brief zirconium veneers description here for those who are curious to read. Besides Emax veneers, zirconium will cover up all problem that you have such as teeth color. Zirconium veneers could be easily noticed by other people. Especially if you are looking for Hollywood white zirconium will be the best choice for you.

What Is Zirconium Tooth & How Is It Done?

Basic Question: What are Zirconium veneers?

It is important for everyone that the teeth have an aesthetic appearance. Zirconium veneer option is the most popular option in order to correct the colors and forms of the teeth. Zirconium; in the simplest terms, it is a substructure material option which is used in porcelain teeth for supporting purposes. Although there are many different infrastructure options and there are still many different options, zirconium has been preferred for a long time and is becoming more and more common. The reasons for this situation can be found among the advantages that we will share with you in a little while. Because there are many different advantages and these advantage options make zirconium to a much more attractive point. You could check veneer colors and shape styles from on our article.


The most satisfying feature of zirconium is that it has a light transmittance structure. This feature gives you an image that is close to the actual structure and fully compatible with the natural tooth structure. Thus, you do not have to deal with problems such as the formation of an artificial image on your teeth and the formation of aesthetic problems. Normally, dentists use an opaque material in addition to their preferred methods. Because the materials used in other methods are in gray tones. But zirconium is not so. It is completely white in color and does not require any additional opaque material. As a result, it becomes possible to make more space for the porcelain. In this way, thanks to zirconium veneer color and the general mouth, tooth structure does not have any problems in the adaptation stage. Leveling and adjusting operations are performed in a completely computer-assisted manner. In this way, the adaptation process between the teeth is provided in a more precise and more specific way. In fact, a coating made with the use of zirconium is more robust and long-term in comparison to other options in terms of adhesion resistance. The fact that it does not have any health-damaging structure and does not cause any allergic effect makes it possible for everyone to choose it safely and comfortably. Those with allergy problems for such procedures are very uncomfortable. Because the slightest allergic element can cause problems throughout the body. However, such allergic problems are out of question for zirconium. As we mentioned in the second article, it creates a more aesthetic and close to a natural appearance in the teeth due to its structure. Thus, it cannot be immediately understood that it is artificial, and it is provided to be used in all areas of life without an aesthetic problem.