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Why is Turkey More Affordable for Dental Treatments?

If you live in a Western or European country, the one thing that everyone can agree on is the fact that dental treatments can be incredibly expensive. Adding to this is the fact that dental insurance can also be quite confusing to deal with and often only provides coverage for the basic procedures.

It is because of this that quite a few people are actually skipping out on important dental treatments. This, however, is leading to even bigger problems that cost even more money. Unfortunately, despite these circumstances, the average prices only appear to be rising.

So, if you have had enough of rising costs, you are clearly looking for another place to get your oral health taken care of. In this instance, you will discover that Turkey has excellent treatment opportunities at incredibly affordable prices.

Of course, it is only natural to wonder just how these procedures can be cheaper in Turkey. After all, you still need to make certain that you are receiving the best care possible. To understand just why dental treatments cost a great deal less in Turkey, check out the factors below:

Cost of Living in Turkey is Lower

Dentists are just like everyone else – they are simply trying to make a living. Now, when you consider most cities in Europe or Northern America, the cost of living is incredibly high. Therefore, dentists are often forced to charge higher amounts, just so that they are able to get by. This is particularly true for dentists that operate in major cities where prices are especially high.

The cost of living in Turkey, on the other hand, is significantly less than most developed countries in the world. Therefore, dentists can live rather comfortably at lower prices. As such, the prices that they charge their patients reflect this situation. This is one of the main reasons that dental care is so much cheaper in Turkey than elsewhere.

Higher Education is Cheaper in Turkey

Most people forget that mastering dentistry is no easy task. Dentists are required to go to school for many years and undergo a great deal of practice before they receive their degree or their license. In Europe and Western countries, the university can be incredibly expensive. The charges can go up further when you want to get a specialized degree like dentistry.

This means that when dentistry students finally graduate, they are saddled with debt. To add to this, they then have to spend additional money to get their practice started. As you can imagine, many dentists are under enormous pressure to make a lot of money within a fairly short period of time.

As a result, most dentists in developed countries will charge their patients high fees so that they can begin making a profit sooner. This, inevitably means that it is the patients that end up suffering.

Higher education in Turkey, however, doesn’t cost as much. Dentistry students that enroll in public universities have to pay the least amount. However, even those that go to private universities will end up paying a lot less than students who study in European or Northern American universities.

Naturally, students in Turkey have a lot less financial stress when they graduate. In turn, they don’t need to charge so much, right away. Rather, they are able to offer up more reasonable prices to their clients, ensuring better-priced treatments.

Now, while a degree in dentistry might be cheaper in Turkey, it is no less impressive. All students have to complete a minimum of five years of study in the field before they can be awarded a certificate. As such, every dentist in Turkey is fully qualified and highly competent.

Running a Dental Facility is Cheaper in Turkey

Although most people don’t think about it, running a dentist’s office is no easy task. Your oral hygienist is expected to pay rent, utilities, and any other costs involved in keeping the practice in working order. Now, these aren’t expenses that your dentist can take on by him or herself. This is why they, in one way or another, get added to your bill.

You will find that such costs are considerably higher in Western and European cities. The outcome of this is that the dentist has to automatically charge you more as well. So, in addition to your procedure, you are unknowingly springing for these costs as well.

In Turkey, though, the rent, utilities, and other amenities aren’t nearly as expensive. In fact, they are rather reasonable when compared with the rest of the world. So, even if such costs are included in your bill, they are going to be much lower.

Equipment Costs Less

You may have noticed that dentists use a great deal more technology these days. Thanks to this, they are able to make a more accurate diagnosis of various conditions. It is also these machines that significantly improve many of the procedures that dentists carry out.

Up-to-date technology can be quite expensive in many parts of the developed world. Therefore, if you have a procedure that includes any of these machines, then you can expect your treatment to cost a lot more as well. So, if you want the best care, you must be willing to pay for it.

The situation tends to be rather different in Turkey. Most dentists can get their hands on the latest devices for a lot less. As such, they can perform all of the necessary procedures on you without charging you all that much. Consequently, you get the best of both worlds.

Materials are Cheaper

At the end of the day, the materials used in a particular procedure are just as important as the dentist’s skills and the equipment. This is especially true in the case of crowns, veneers, dental implants, and more. After all, if the materials are of low quality, you can be fairly sure that the final work isn’t going to last too long. Then, you will find yourself right back in the dentist’s chair.

The problem with countries like the UK and the US, though, is good quality materials have an exorbitant price tag attached to them. So, if you really do want the best, you are going to have to end up paying quite a bit. This makes the overall procedure even more expensive.

Fortunately for you, such materials in Turkey are easier to come by. Subsequently, the materials are cheaper but still, of the same high quality. So, you can request these materials for any procedure and know that there will not be a significant mark up in your bill!

Turkish Employees Require Lower Wages

It is virtually impossible for a dentist to run a practice by him or herself. They often need assistance, other dental specialists, and non-essential staff such as receptionists for any practice. Now, if you live in a city with a high cost of living, your dentist is going to need to pay each person rather high wages.

As you can imagine, this will impact your final bill quite a bit. So, the more people that tend to you during a procedure, the more that you will be charged. In fact, even if you don’t require a number of nurses, you may still end up paying a higher amount.

As mentioned, though, Turkey’s cost of living is quite a bit lower than many other countries in Europe or the Americas. Due to this, employees don’t demand such high wages as they are able to get by on a more reasonable salary. This means that your dentist doesn’t need to include such expenses in your charges.

Malpractice Insurance is Less Expensive in Turkey

Ask any dentist and they will tell you that one of the biggest expenses, for them, is malpractice insurance. See, there is always a chance that something can go wrong during a procedure. In the event that does happen, the dentist requires malpractice insurance. Of course, most insurance companies want to protect themselves so they charge dentists high premiums. To cover these, most dentists will inflate their cost.

As you can imagine, the cost of malpractice premiums is quite a bit higher in Europe and other Western countries. This is why the resulting bills for patients are greater as well. Not to mention, there is always the potential for these to get even higher each year.

In Turkey, all dentists should have malpractice insurance. As with everything else, though, the premiums aren’t nearly as high. This allows your dentist to remain protected but also to afford their premiums without too much of an issue. Therefore, they will not pass on too much of these costs to you.

Fewer Added Costs

When you visit a dentist in Europe or another Western country, you will realize just how much added costs there are. For one thing, you are charged for consultation and every other little thing that you can think of. All of these add up which is why your final bill can come as such a shock. Of course, because this is common practice in such countries, it is unlikely to change any time soon.

If you were to see a dentist in Turkey, though, it is unlikely that you will across these additional charges. So, in most cases, you will simply have to pay for your dentist’s time, the materials used, and certain other charges. Since you are only paying for the fundamental parts of your treatment, the overall cost is much lower.

The Benefit of the Price Conversion

So, let’s imagine that you are travelling from either the UK, US, or a European country. In this case, you will be converting your local currency to Turkish lira. Therefore, you can expect to receive around 5.5 lira for each dollar, around 6 Turkish Lira for each euro, and over 7 Turkish Lira for each sterling pound. In short, your money has greater value in Turkey.

Due to the exchange rate, you will always come on top when paying for dental services in Turkey. This means that not only are the costs cheaper in this country but you will be spending less since your currency is stronger. This creates a much greater advantage for you.

What About Travel and Accommodation Costs?

Now, there is no denying that dental treatments in Turkey are a great deal more affordable for you. Still, you may be wondering about the travel costs for such treatment. After all, if you are going to Turkey to get such procedures done, then you will have to pay airline fees and the cost of accommodation.

Well, there is good news for you here as well. With a little bit of research, you will discover that there are quite a few flights from international cities to Turkey. Due to this abundance, most airlines will maintain competitive prices.

It is also important to keep in mind that Turkey is rather conveniently located. So, regardless of where you are flying in from, you will find that the trip isn’t too long. This, too, works to keep the travel costs to a minimum. If you are looking to save even more money, consider flying to Turkey during off-peak seasons.

During this time, the country experiences a lull in tourism. To make up for this, many airlines will often offer up great travel prices. If you take advantage of this, you will be shocked to find out just how much you can save.

Since Turkey is a popular tourist destination, there is no shortage of hotels and various other types of accommodation. It should also be noted that the country is a draw for travelers on all kinds of budgets. As a result, you should be able to find cheap yet affordable accommodation without too much of a hassle.

When you look at all of the information here, it isn’t surprising to see how Turkish dentists are able to offer up such affordable rates. It also works to show you that traveling to Turkey to undergo various dental procedures is a smart idea. Not only will you be able to experience top-notch healthcare, but you will also be able to explore a gorgeous and complex country.