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As your dentist in Turkey, we are founded in 2009 by Dr. Dt Özkan Özkaynak and Dr. Dt. Uğur Gültekinler, we offer dental treatments for foreign patients since 2009.

We are doing what we should do, as a oral surgeon we are offering you dental treatments as your needs.Our dental surgeon will do your dental treatment as his profession.Especially dental implants and all on 4 implants should be done by an oral surgeon.

Our cosmetic dentist will give perfect smile makeover with dental veneers and dental crowns. For perfect white colour we will offer your professional teeth whitening by Philips zoom.

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We love what we do because our profession and our hippocratic oath tought us this. We don't offer any hidden costs, we want to have perfect dental treatment plan by free x-ray


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Smile Dental Turkey offers you best price and best dental treatment plans. Even if for your online consultation we offer you free x-ray in your country. When you come here we will do discount for your x-ray expense in your country. We are doing that because we are totally sure that, dental treatment plans should be definite for our patients.

We would like to help you for your visa requests for United Kingdom citizens, we offer free visa while you are in Turkey.

For accomodation we don't offer any service but we will be happy to give you advice which hotels you should book online.

Your local vip transportation will be totally free, from the beginning to end, your transportation belongs to us during your dental treatments

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We are advanced clinic and we don't offer only cosmetic solutions, your teeth health is important for us.

Dentist In Turkey

We offer your perfect holiday for your dental treatment, no waiting queue for your dental treatment, no costs for your local transportation.

We only use global trademarks for your dental treatments, no local dental implants provided by us. We highly recommend you to check price offer for dental implants.

We have Nobel Biocare, Straumann and Neodent dental implants.

We offer free visa and health insurance for visitors from United Kingdom. As you never waited for online consultation, you won't wait anything in Turkey

Your panoramic X-Rad and 3D Tomography in the clinic is free of charge

No extra fee for, root canalling, tooth extraction and temporary teeth

No worries for long queue, you won't spend your holiday at your clinic, our time schudule will offer you perfect timing for both your treatment and your holiday.

Turkey, the historic Mediterranean nation, has emerged in recent times as a premiere destination for dental tourism. Patients from the U.S., mainly, fly to Turkey to receive dental care. Should you go see a dentist in Turkey? Read the guide below to find out.


Like in many developed countries, dentists in Turkey has to undergo rigorous training. Dental students must complete five years of formal training for a DDS at one of the 15 dental faculties in the country, then get licensed before practicing. Dental specialists, such as orthodontics or prosthodontics, must complete an additional five years of training in the chosen field.

Each new dentist must also become a member of the Turkish Dental Association, the local equivalent of the American Dental Association or the British Dental Association. Cosmetic dentists must register with the Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry as well. Being part of a professional association indicates that the dentist stays up-to-date with the advancements and necessary changes in dentistry.

Oral surgeons in the country must graduate from a local or an accredited foreign medical school. Surgeons complete an exam and a residency lasting up to 6 years before becoming qualified.

Dental education is government-provided in Turkey, and largely follows standards set by the E.U. the government maintains standards throughout the clinics.

As with any country, some dentists in Turkey are good and some are not. Looking for accreditation with the above-mentioned associations is a must to ensure that you are seeking care from a licensed dental practitioner.


Medical care in Turkey overall is undergoing the process of becoming more harmonized with standards of care for all EU countries. In the past decades, the country has made major strides in improving medical care, including dental care.

Turkey has both government-run public hospital and clinics, and also private facilities. Private dental clinics are better at accommodating foreigners. These clinics often have English-speaking staff. Also, compared to public facilities, private dental clinics have state-of-the-art equipment that are regularly maintained. While some Turkish public hospitals may have shortcomings, the vast majority of Turkish dental clinics that cater to foreigners don’t.

In general, Turkey maintains highly acceptable standards and regulations when it comes to dental care. You can benefit from strict EU regulations that apply to the country as well. However, the quality of care can vary depending on the skill of the dentist. Therefore, choose a well-reviewed clinic in Turkey with an experienced dentist for your treatments.

Turkish dental care is quite comparable to developed countries like the U.S. and Germany. American clinics may have more equipment, which in some cases aren’t even necessary. In Turkey, dentists use standard equipment approved by regulatory authorities. The main difference between dental care in Turkey and elsewhere in the developed world is the cost. In Turkey, costs are far cheaper.


Dental care in countries like the U.S., U.K. and Western Europe are considered the best in the world in terms of standards. But not so much in cost. In the U.S., mainly, healthcare costs including dental are considerably high compared to other OECD countries. Therefore, so many Americans, and even some Canadians and British, fly to Turkey to enjoy lower-cost dental care without compromising the quality of standards.

The average patient can expect to save up to 70 percent of costs for any dental treatment in Turkey compared to the prices in the U.S. Prices can vary between the various dental clinics in the country. But all, in general, offer much lower prices compared to western European countries.


The initial consultation in Turkish dental clinics is often free. In the U.S., the first consultation alone can cost around $200, or higher in urban, metropolitan regions. Complicated and long dental procedures, like getting implants, could cost a fortune in any state in the U.S. Therefore, many patients choose Turkish dentists to receive the same treatment at a much lower cost.

While most essential healthcare treatments in the U.S. are covered in health insurance plans, dental care is often neglected. Government-provided health plans may not pay for dental treatments considered cosmetic in nature. For example, dental implants replace missing teeth. But the procedure is largely considered a cosmetic dental treatment.

As a result, a patient in need of the treatment may have to pay tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket. Turkey offers an excellent cost-effective alternative to dental treatments patients have to pay on their own regardless of coverage.

Turkey offers low-cost prices for any dental treatment, including urgent or emergency care. A procedure like receiving dental implants could cost only around $3,000 in clinical fees (excluding the price of the implants), whereas in the U.S., clinical fees can cost several thousand dollars more.

A single tooth implant is approximately $800, compared to the U.S. where it can cost up to $2,000. You can expect to get a porcelain veneer, porcelain dental crowns, or have your teeth whitened in Turkey for two or three hundred dollars. The costs for single visit treatments like scaling and polishing often costs less than $100.

Even British patients can benefit by travelling to Turkey. A ceramic dental veneer or a crown in the U.K. costs around 550 pounds. In comparison, you can get the same procedure done in Turkey for around 150 pounds. You would have to pay a hundred pounds or more for a root canal treatment in London, while in Turkey it would only cost around just 25 pounds. Professional tooth whitening is a particularly expensive procedure in the UK, costing close to a thousand pounds, which in Turkey costs only about 250 pounds.


Turkey is part of the E.U. So some might wonder why the costs of dental care aren’t as expensive as in Britain or Germany. There’s a simple reason for this: clinic operational costs, or running costs, are a lot lower in Turkey compared to other developed countries.

Patients should note that dental products, like branded implants or crowns, would not cost any different in Turkey. That’s because the prices of most dental products are determined by the manufacturing brands, not the dental clinics. But the clinical fees you have to pay would be a lot cheaper. Also, if you need any dental product, like a veneer, made in a clinical lab, the costs would be significantly low as well.

In Turkey, you can expect that the vast majority of fees you pay goes towards the actual dental procedure. The overall costs for labs, the dentist, assistance, and so on are minimal. American patients can be assured that extra charges don’t get added to your bill in Turkey. That’s because there are no associated insurance claims or equipment rental fees to pay for in Turkey.

Turkish dental clinics also offer more free services compared to clinics in America. Most clinics offer free consultations as an incentive for patients to choose their clinic. Also, clinics facilitate travel perks for foreign patients, like free transportation to the clinic from the hotel.

In Turkey, you don’t have to pay a premium for diagnostic tests, which incur only reasonable charges. In the U.S., even diagnostic tests are used to generate profits for the clinic. Turkish dentists also avoid charging third-party fees in the clinics. Dentists will use their own labs and have employees on salary. The patient is not directly burdened to pay for these services.

Patients traveling from the U.S., U.K., or Canada can benefit from the currency exchange for the Turkish lira as well. The value of the lira is less compared to the dollar so if you pay for dental products in Turkey, you can enjoy a currency exchange advantage as well.


If you are flying to Turkey, wouldn’t travel costs add to your dental bill as well? Turkey is a major tourist destination. Therefore, most airlines offer discount prices to travel to Turkey. The country has a thriving tourism sector, where hotels compete to offer the lowest rates to attract foreigners.

Do keep in mind that costs of travelling to Turkey will depend on the season, the airlines you choose, your choice for accommodation, and similar factors. In general, flying to Turkey from North America would cost you about $1,000 for a roundabout ticket. Now, if you can save $5,000 on dental implants in Turkey, you spend less on your overall care even after factoring in the travel costs.

Budget accommodation in Turkey is really cheap, costing less than $100 per day. Even 5-star hotels charge budget prices in some areas. So overall, your dental care costs in Turkey can save you money even including travel costs.


Dental care is made simpler and more convenient thanks to technological advancements. In the U.S., you dentists may use high-end tech innovations like 3D smile design software and lasers in various cosmetic treatments. You can find the same technology in Turkey as well, but it depends on the clinic.

Even in the U.S., availability of certain devices depends on the location and size of the clinic. The same is true in Turkey. High-end clinics have gadgets like 3D smile design software. However, all clinics are equipped with necessary devices as per regulations. For example, if a clinic offers professional teeth whitening, the it should have diode lasers necessary to perform the treatment.

Choosing a popular dental clinic aimed at foreign clients will help you benefit from the best of dental technology. But unlike in the U.S., Turkish dental clinics don’t charge equipment rental fees. So you won’t have to pay extra to use your dentist’s fancy new device.


As with any country, it’s best to practice due diligence when choosing a dentist in Turkey. Try to find a dentist that specializes in the care you need. If you need a tooth extraction, teeth cleaning, or whitening, a standard dental practitioner would do. But if you are looking for artificial teeth, dental implants, or oral surgery, then you need to find a dentist with specialized training.

Looking for a dental clinic specifically can eliminate the hassle of having to look up specialists. Most Turkish dental clinics employ dentists as well as specialists. So if you need a consultation with a specialist, a regular dentist can quickly refer you without incurring additional costs. Sometimes dental checkups and uncover unexpected problems. So going to a clinic with specialists in many different fields would certainly be beneficial to you.

Here are several tips to find a good dentist in Turkey:

Membership with the Turkish Dental Association is a must. You can consider any dental practice in Turkey without this membership a quack.

If you are seeking cosmetic dental care, look for a dentist who is a member of the Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. Membership is not mandatory, but is a major plus.

Ask the dentist if he or she has a lot of experience with the procedure that you need. The more experience the dentist has, the better.

You should call and check if the dentist provides services in English. Not all dentists in Turkey speak English. The dentist should be able to talk comfortably with at least working proficiency. The dentist should be able to clearly explain the risks and benefits of any treatment plan.

Some dentists in Turkey offer guarantees for work performed. That would be a big advantage, especially for treatments that cost a lot of money.

Here are tips for choosing a dental clinic in Turkey:

Ask about the number and type of specialists the clinic has on staff.

Inquire if the clinic offers perks to foreign patients such as free transportation, accommodation, or free visits.

Don’t forget to look up the type of dental product brands the clinic has on offer. You can talk about whether a certain brand available in your country is also available at the clinic. Most international brands are available at Turkish dental clinics.

Look up online reviews.

Finding a good dentist or a dental clinic in Turkey is not a difficult task. You can benefit from E.U.-standard care without spending as much in Turkey.