Dr Dt Uğur Gültekinler

Dr Dt Uğur Gültekinler

Cosmetic Dentist

Dr Uğur graduated with his dental degree from the Faculty of Dentistry in Izmir, Turkey, in 2003. Since then, he has honed his dental skills, gaining a wealth of experience in dentistry, but he has always had a passion for cosmetic dentistry. Dr Uğur only uses the best techniques and most advanced materials when creating beautiful smiles for our patients. He co-founded Smile Dental with Dr Dt. Özkan Özkaynak. Smile Dental brings their vision of creating one of the most advanced dental clinics in Turkey to life.

Dr Uğur is our best smile designer here at Smile Dental, utilising experience gained over the years combined with the latest digital smile design technology. Working closely with you, he will design your teeth based on your aims and desires and use his extensive dental knowledge and artistic abilities by dental crowns or dental veneers. Dr Uğur is fluent in Turkish and English.


Ege University Faculty Of Dentistry


Kemer Dental Clinic
Smile Dental Turkey
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